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Listings Page

With WPCasa Madrid display listings on your static pages just became a lot easier. You certainly still have the option to use the [wpsight_listings] shortcode to do so, but the theme also comes with a powerful custom page template to create different custom listing queries.

1. Search Results

The search results page, however, should simply be built with the [wpsight_listings] shortcode in a static page to make sure that we don’t mix up search results with our custom queries.

So you should just leave the default listings page that is created when WPCasa is activated for the first time and select this page on the settings page.

2. Custom Queries

Now let’s see how we can create custom listing queries or even great landing pages that show specific listing based on your criteria in combination with our header settings.

To get an idea of how this page could be like, have a look at this demo listings page. Here we combined the custom query template (full-width) with the Tagline & Background header option.

Once you apply this template in the page editor, a new meta box will be loaded where you can input your custom query. As simple as that.

Listings query page template
Meta box in listings query page template » see page